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6. Buat karangan tentang SPORTS seperti contoh berikut. Hi, I am Mike Tyson.
I love boxing.
Boxing is not only my hobby, it is also my living.
I earn my living from boxing.
I am a professional boxer.
I practice every day to become a good boxer.
a. Gilang Ramadan (drummer); atau Inul Daratista (dancer and singer)

Jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut berikut ini.
What local transportations are in Sampang?
What transportation can we go with if we go from Surabaya to Jakarta?
Please show me the way from Alon-Alon (Central Park) to SMPN 2 Sampang.
Write a story in five (5) sentences each about your…
Past activity
present activity
future activity
Use Simple Past, Simple Present, Present Continuous, Perfecr Present and Continuous, Future tense. Example:
a1. Last year our football team won the competition.
b1. At present we are looking for a new trainer.
c1. Next year all of the players are going to have an exhibition tour in
the Asean countries.

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1. how many days is erlin free from extra-curricular activites in a week? a. one dayb. two daysc. three daysd. no days without extra-curricular activites2. from the schedule we can conclude a. erlin attends five extracurricular activitesb. each extracurricular starts at 7 a. mc. erlin plays basketball twice a weekd. each activites lasts for 2 hours" me"
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Pesan dan kesan dalam cerita the enchanted fish
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Tolong jawab ya nomor 1 sama nomor 2
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Contoh- contoh tenses: 1. simple past tense 2. simple present tense 3. present continuous tense 4. past perfect tense #to long d jwab d kumpul bsk
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6. Buat karangan tentang SPORTS seperti contoh berikut. Hi, I am Mike Tyson.
I love boxing.


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