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Latihan soal *chapter 3* Materi: *Suggestion and Oblogation*

Multiple Choice (Pilihan Ganda)

Choose the best answer of the four options provided!

6. Complete the dialogue below!
Shidqi : My handphone is out of order.
Fayyadh : I recommend you to ... it soon.

A. repair
B. throw
C. put
D. buy

7. Today is English lesson. What should you bring in your bag?

A. Calculator
B. Money
C. Book
D. Dictionary

8. Complete the blank!
Mr. Umar : Are you sleepy, Fatimah?
Fatimah : Yes, Sir.
Mr. Umar : You ... your face.

A. Can clean
B. must make up
C. should wash
D. would cover

9. Complete the dialogue!
A : I get I'm dizzy
B : You should drink medicine.

A. toothache
B. headache
C. stomachache
D. sore eye

10. Zahid is sick now.

A. She had better take a rest.
B. She ought to study hard.
C. She should play around.
D. She must go to school.

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Create dialogs based on the following situations.then, practice the dialogs.1.when you are having a trip and staying in a hotel, you want to go to the nearest shopping center. you don't know where it is so you ask the hotel receptionist. it's not very far, but you can go by bus or taxi. you are reluctant to go for walk in such a midday. the receptionist offers to cal a taxi for you.2. when you are hanging out in a mall, you meet a little boy crying. he lost his mother. you offer to him find his mother.3. your mother is making a cake. she has almost finished, except for the toppings. you offer to her.4. you friend's brother is suffering from dengue fever and he needs blood transfusion. your friend asks you about your blood type, but you have a different blood type. you offer to find a person with a similar blood type.
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Latihan soal *chapter 3* Materi: *Suggestion and Oblogation*

Multiple Choice (Pilihan Ga...


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