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Situation: Tasya looks pale and weak. she doesn't like eating vegetables and rerely does sports. She seldom eats fruit too. What is your suggestion for Tasya to make her healthier than before based on the pictures given?

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Buatlah percakapan suggestion minimal 3 asking 3 giving 3 accepting 3 rejecting
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You recently asked me to submit a short report on performing art which has been held in school smk pgri 2 cibinong. yuo asked that i submit a report within a mounth of the start of performing art terjemaah kn
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21. the music next door is very loud. i wish someone turned it down. the underlined sentence means a. i will turn the music down b. someone turns the music down c. i asked someone to turn the music down d. i feel annoyed with the music next door 22. i am sorry i cannot go to the airport to see your mother off. i wish i to work overtime tonight. a. wouldn’t have b. hadn’t have c. haven’t had d. won’t have 23. i’m sure he is not the man in charge of the sales department. but now, he a. acts as if he is the sales manager b. is acting as if he would be the sales manager. c. would have acted as if he had been the sales manager d. acts as if he were the sales manager 29. “ i could sleep soundly last night.” the underlines word means a. safely b. goodly c. satisfiedly d. relaxedly 31. there tourists, are japanese, were among the crowd participating in the “dangdut” dance. a. there are many b. many of them c. whose many d. many of whom
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Tolong buatin karangan dalam bahasa inggris. jika saya menemukan emas 7 kg , 200 kata
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Situation: Tasya looks pale and weak. she doesn't like eating vegetables and rerely does sports. She...


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